Brake System Components

Brake Repair Brake System Components Why Your Brakes Are So Important Your brake system is what slows and stops your vehicle while you’re on the road. It’s an important safety system with many components that must work together flawlessly to keep you from collisions with objects and other drivers. From the master cylinder to the […]

Emissions Testing in GA

Georgia Emissions Inspection What to Know about Emissions Inspection in Georgia Who Needs a Georgia Emissions Test? If you drive a car or light truck manufactured since 1994 and live in one of the 13 counties where emissions testing is required, you need a Georgia emissions test and inspection each year in order to renew […]

Everything You Need to Know About Georgia State Emissions Inspection

New to Georgia or Have a New Car? Every state has different laws on vehicle registration because each state will have different issues such as pollution and traffic to handle. When you buy a new car and when you move to a new state you need to register to meet that state’s standards. Some will […]

When Your Air Conditioning May Need Repairs

How Important Your AC Is to Your Car If you’re the average person who spends around 6% of their time awake, or about 9 hours, in a car every week, you’ll want to be comfortable during your weekly schedule with good air conditioning. Auto AC repair is something to think about for hot summers or […]