Emissions Testing in GA

Georgia Emissions Inspection

What to Know about Emissions Inspection in Georgia

Who Needs a Georgia Emissions Test?

If you drive a car or light truck manufactured since 1994 and live in one of the 13 counties where emissions testing is required, you need a Georgia emissions test and inspection each year in order to renew your vehicle’s registration. There are still exemptions for vehicles weighing more than 8500 pounds; diesel, electric, propane, and alternative fuel powered vehicles; vehicles older than 25 years; hybrid vehicles, vehicles less than ten years old, driven fewer than 5000 miles per year and owned by people over the age of 65; and non-conforming vehicles are all exempt from the Georgia emissions inspection. If you’re unsure if your vehicle requires a Georgia emissions inspection, you can take it to a certified testing station or repair shops like K&M Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair in Atlanta, GA, and the team there will be happy to help you determine the emissions inspection status of your vehicle.

How Does the Georgia Emissions Test Work?

First, you need to find a testing location. There are many in the 13 counties where you must have the test to register your vehicle. Once you choose a testing site, take your vehicle to the site and let the staff take over from there. The testing staff will perform the necessary tasks to check the emissions for your vehicle and give you a pass or fail on the test. Once you’ve paid the fee for the test–which can vary but shouldn’t be higher than $25–the results of your test will be electronically submitted to the state, and you’ll be able to register your vehicle. If your car fails the emissions test, you have 30 days to repair the issue behind the failure and retest the vehicle at no charge.

K&M Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair Can Help

When it’s time for your vehicle to have an emissions inspection, your best bet is to take it to the team at K&M Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair in Atlanta, GA. The certified technicians will not only perform the emissions test but can also recommend repairs to help if your vehicle fails the test. Give them a call today to make an appointment or stop by the shop before your next vehicle registration deadline.

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