Everything You Need to Know About Georgia State Emissions Inspection

New to Georgia or Have a New Car?

Every state has different laws on vehicle registration because each state will have different issues such as pollution and traffic to handle. When you buy a new car and when you move to a new state you need to register to meet that state’s standards. Some will require an annual inspection and others will not. If you are within the 13 designated counties of the Atlanta area in Georgia, you must get an emissions inspection before your registration date, which is the birth date of the owner. If you don’t live in one of these counties, you will be exempted. It is preferable to get your inspection a few weeks before the date because if you fail the inspection you will need to get repairs to pass the inspection and legally be able to drive.

Is My Vehicle Exempt From Emissions Inspections in Georgia?

Most vehicles will need an emissions test if they are in the designated counties. However, there are some exceptions to this such as if your vehicle’s manufacture date is within the last three years, vehicles that do not operate on gasoline (hybrids use gasoline), and antiques over 25 years old. If you are selling a vehicle within these counties, you are required by law to have already performed the inspection on the car you sell. So if you buy from within you won’t need to have an inspection, just the inspection report which you can find electronically here by entering your vehicle identification number. If you buy from out of the covered counties, you need to have an inspection performed on your vehicle to have it registered.

Where to Get My Emissions Test

Your Georgia state emissions inspection can be performed at any location that is qualified to do so. As a qualified shop to perform the inspection, K & M Foreign & Domestic Repair can also maintain and make the repairs necessary for your vehicle to pass the inspection. If you fail the inspection you will need to pay for the costs of repairs and a reinspection. To save on time and money, keep your car in good condition with routine maintenance and visits to our shop. You can call us at 404-737-4358 to learn more about the Georgia Emissions Inspection and to schedule service for your vehicle.

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