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For Atlanta, Georgia drivers, staying on top of routine automotive servicing is critical. Not only does regular auto services help your car to properly operate for longer, but it also helps to catch a potential problem before it becomes a costlier and larger issue. The experienced team at K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair has been offering auto services to both Japanese and domestic car brands for over two decades. We have the tools, techniques, and training to promptly and properly service your car. If you’re looking for professional car service in Atlanta, Georgia, contact us today.

Your Auto Service Specialists in Atlanta, Georgia

Whether you need a tune-up or a tire change, bring your vehicle into K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer financing options and a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty. Best of all, we offer quality auto services. Enjoy our comfy and inviting waiting room with free Wi-Fi and workstations. At K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair, we have a prompt turn-around time so that you can get back to your life as soon as possible. To make an appointment, call our team at (404) 633-1677 or simply stop into our shop today. If you need a tow, we can recommend a trusted operator. We welcome walk-ins and look forward to servicing your vehicle!

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Most Common Auto Services We Perform

There are many different components to your car. As a result, numerous auto services need to be performed on your vehicle in order to keep it functioning at its best. Some of the most common automotive services K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair offers include:

Air Filter Replacement: Your air filter helps to balance the air to fuel ratio in your car. Without this, your vehicle can easily misfire.

Brake Services: Brakes are one of the most important parts of your car’s safety system. In order to stop and slow your car effectively, your brakes need to be in tip-top shape. Whether you need new brake pads or rotors, we can help you today.

Battery Replacement: Your vehicle’s battery powers all of its electrical components. If your battery isn’t working, we can recharge or replace it.

Tire Services: Properly inflated tires promote safety and drivability. If you suffered from a blowout or have balding or underinflated tires, make an appointment with K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair now.

Wheel Alignments: If you drive a lot, your car’s wheels may get misaligned. Schedule an auto service appointment with us today to fix the problem.

Oil Changes: Your car’s oil is important for a healthy and properly lubricated engine. In order to keep your engine in tip-top shape, you need to get an oil change every six months or so. If you haven’t gotten an oil change in a while, contact us today.

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