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Check Engine Light in Atlanta, GA

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Here at K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair in Atlanta, Georgia, we understand the stress of having your vehicle’s check engine light pop on when you’re driving. You could be thinking of the worst-case scenario and assuming that your car is in need of costly and critical services. However, your check engine light could be illuminated for a variety of different reasons. If your car’s check engine light is on, it’s a good idea to make an auto service appointment to have it looked at.

Your Check Engine Light Service Specialists

We understand the stress you must feel due to your car’s check engine light being on. This is why our team at K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair will offer prompt and reliable services that you can count on. If you’re a driver in Atlanta, Georgia, consider bringing your Japanese or domestic vehicle into our automotive repair shop. We offer a nationwide 12-year/12,000-mile warranty and have over two decades of experience. It’s important to get down to the bottom of a check engine light issue before it becomes a costlier problem. Contact K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair in Atlanta, Georgia, today to make your appointment. We look forward to working with you soon!

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Reasons Your Check Engine Light Could Be On

There are many reasons behind an illuminated check engine light. While not all are emergencies, it is important to take your car into a professional auto service shop to be properly diagnosed and repaired. Some common culprits behind a check engine light include:

Failed Oxygen Sensors: Your vehicle’s oxygen sensors are the parts that measure unburned oxygen amounts in the exhaust system. If you fail to fix them, your car may burn more fuel than necessary or damage your spark plugs.

A Loose or Broken Gas Cap: Your check engine light may be on for something as simple as a loose gas cap.

Faulty Catalytic Converters: These car components help to protect the earth by converting hazardous carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. If you fail to repair or replace these broken parts, your car will fail its emissions test and also experience a decrease in its performance.

Misfires: If the spark plugs aren’t working properly, your check engine light will come on, and your car may misfire. If you’re experiencing this issue, take your vehicle into K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair in Atlanta, Georgia, today.

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