Georgia Emissions Inspection

Georgia Emissions Inspection in Atlanta, GA

Pass Your Georgia Emissions Inspection

For Atlanta, Georgia drivers, effectively passing a Georgia emissions inspection will allow you to drive your vehicle on the road legally. Not only that but having a properly working emissions system will also help to reduce your carbon footprint drastically. In order to guarantee that your vehicle will pass a Georgia emissions inspection, it is important to maintain it regularly. Here at K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair, we can get your car or truck ready to pass its Georgia emissions inspection.

All About Georgia Emission Inspections

If you’re a driver in Atlanta, Georgia, you must get your vehicle tested every year before its registration date. During the Georgia emission inspection process, your car will undergo a three-part test, including an OBD test to check its emissions control performance history, a thorough inspection of the fuel cap, and a visual inspection of the vehicle’s catalytic converter. While many drivers rarely think about their car’s emission system, it is important to maintain it properly. Instead of waiting for your check engine light to pop on or to fail an emissions test, stay on top of your vehicle’s health by getting it serviced by the auto repair experts at K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair.

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Signs of an Emissions Problem

Your vehicle may be experiencing an emission issue if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • The check engine light comes on
  • Decrease in performance
  • Your car is consuming more fuel than usual
  • You smell gas inside or outside of your vehicle

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, it’s important to make an appointment with the experienced professionals at K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair in Atlanta, Georgia. You can make an appointment by calling us at (404) 633-1677 or simply stopping by our shop. We welcome walk-ins!

If you need to get your vehicle inspection-ready, book a service appointment at K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair in Atlanta, Georgia today. We offer a nationwide 12-month/12,000-mile warranty and have after hour pick-up and drop-offs in order to cater to your busy schedule. Financing options are also available. Contact K & M Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair today at (404) 633-1677 to schedule your emission service appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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