When Your Air Conditioning May Need Repairs

How Important Your AC Is to Your Car

If you’re the average person who spends around 6% of their time awake, or about 9 hours, in a car every week, you’ll want to be comfortable during your weekly schedule with good air conditioning. Auto AC repair is something to think about for hot summers or long road trips. Not only will your driving conditions improve, but you can improve your health as well. These are some of the reasons why your AC in your automobile can be repaired.

Mold and Air Quality

It may not be immediately apparent that your air quality has depreciated because it can happen over time. You don’t get into the car one day and your AC suddenly feels like it’s performing differently. Over time the coils that separate the humidity from the air can become dirty if the filters aren’t changed frequently. When this happens, it lets more dirt particles through the filter and more into the air you breathe. It can also promote mold growth which can cause other issues for health and repair costs later on. It is much cheaper to take your car in for routine auto maintenance including AC repair, you can keep your air quality fresh and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Cabin Comfort

Cars can heat up quite a bit due to the energy given off from the engine and being under the sun for extended periods of time. Yes, the AC does use some extra energy, but the cost is well worth it. If your automobile’s AC needs repair then you can feel the full heat of those Georgia summers. Keeping your car comfortable prevents heat exhaustion which can keep you more alert on the road, but it will save you on your personal energy to perform your daily schedule.

Get Repaired Now to Enjoy Your Ride

If you feel like your car is too warm, the AC isn’t working, or the quality of your air has gotten worse over time, get auto AC repair at K & M Foreign and Domestic Repair in Atlanta, Georgia. Along with AC repairs we can provide many other services for your vehicle. Call us at (404) 633-1677 to learn more about the great work we do.

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